The Ranking of the Top 100 Cardiovascular Innovations of 2014
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Get a grip on stroke and heart disease

The HeartCheck™ PEN handheld ECG device is the only device of its kind cleared by the FDA for consumer use.

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Wearable Health Tech Revenue Trends Toward $6B by 2018
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At Home Heart Failure Monitoring


CardioGenx has an extensive research line in the field of diagnostics for the early detection of CVDs. This is based on the identification of novel transcripts expressed in circulating cells of CVD patients.
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The BioMed testing platform is a phenotype, quantitative test. Recent data suggesting that there is little if any link between genotype platelet function tests and cardiovascular events.  There are several factors that affect platelet function in a patient, and individual platelet function changes over time.™ is commercializing diagnostic technologies that enable personalized medicine that can save your life.

Telementoring just the beginning for Google Glass in medicine – Click Here

Earbuds Monitor Your Heart

ElectroMesh Premium Silver Sock

The Pocket Physician by Lion Heart Innovations

The Pocket Physician, which recently finished its funding just above its $8,000 goal is setting out to be a comprehensive mobile medical app. Users, including patients, parents, and caregivers, will be able to track vital signs, take notes about treatments, store medical records, access literature, book appointments, and calculate expenses all from one app.
The project is from Lion Heart Innovations, a collaboration between web and mobile design company TekVitals and Tammy Bowers, the founder and CEO whose son’s lifelong struggle with heart disease prompted her to search for a better way to manage longterm, chronic care. The app is HIPAA compliant, can track 10 vital indicators (including vital signs, medical events, behaviors, and nutrition), and will have a pro-version that allows babysitters or teachers to have separate, dedicated log-ins.


OpSens Fractional Coronary Flow Reserve Monitor – Download Brochure


The EKG Glove

Diagnostic, 12-Lead ECGs in 2 minutes… every time.